TV star joins Accrington Stanley squad… virtually

TV star joins Accrington Stanley squad… virtually

Jesse at Accrington Game store
Accrington Stanley
fans can play as their favourite team in their latest kit in the brand new edition of the world’s leading soccer simulation computer game.

“FIFA 16”, from EA Sports, was launched in the UK on Thursday, with many computer game stores opening their doors from midnight on Wednesday to start selling the eagerly anticipated game the second the clock ticked into Thursday.

FIFA 16 screen grabOne of the first in line at the Game store in Accrington was TV celebrity and enthusiastic gamer Jesse McClure. The star of hit American reality TV show ‘Storage Hunters’ is brand ambassador for Accrington Stanley’s new shirt sponsor PlasticBoxShop, the UK’s leading online retailer of plastic storage box solutions. He couldn’t wait to see Stanley’s ‘virtual’ squad sporting their new kit in FIFA 16.

“It’s an awesome game and I just had to get my hands on a copy and see the on-screen Accrington Stanley guys in their PlasticBoxShop kit,” said Jesse. “Even if it meant being at the store at midnight – if that’s what it took I was ready to do it.

“The graphics and action on FIFA 16 are amazing. A few years ago the nearest you could get to your team was supporting them from the terraces, but with this game you can really feel you’re part of the team playing on the pitch and scoring the winning goal.”Jesse at Accrington Game store 1

Jesse bought a FIFA 16 game and console bundle, eager to get some practice in before an ‘Accy Stanley’ challenge later in the day. Staged at the Crown Pub, close to Accrington Stanley’s Wham
Stadium, it would see Jesse taking on local gamers in front of an audience including players and club officials from Stanley.

“I’m so busy now I don’t get too much time for gaming so I might be a little rusty, but I’ll give it my best shot against the local guys,” said Jesse ahead of the challenge. “Hey, if they beat me I can always say it’s because I’ve been up all night!”

People can watch Jesse playing online and even challenge him at:


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