Jesse backing Manchester’s Goodstock charity venture

Jesse backing Manchester’s Goodstock charity venture

Jesse McClure to visit Oxford Road store this Monday, September 21st

‘Storage Hunters’ TV star Jesse McClure is backing an innovative new youth project in Manchester through his partnership with UK business PlasticBoxShop.

Jesse, the breakout star of the hit US reality show and its UK spinoff, is brand ambassador for PlasticBoxShop, Britain’s leading online retailer of plastic storage boxes in all shapes, sizes, c olours and applications.

Together they are backing ‘Goodstock’ – the first retail outlet for the UK’s leading youth volunteering and social action charity, vInspired.Jesse McClure

Goodstock is a charity shop with a difference – a creative shopping space for the cash-strapped and fashion conscious. It sells good quality, pre-loved fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories to people, especially students, who are buying on a budget.

The money raised will fund vInspired, helping 14 to 25-year-olds to do good things for others through a range of volunteering opportunities. This in turn helps them to gain valuable life skills and become more employable.

It’s a win-win situation, but like any charity shop Goodstock needs donations as the starting point for all its good work.

That’s where PlasticBoxShop and its larger-than-life frontman Jesse McClure come in. The online retailer has donated 200 sturdy plastic boxes to Goodstock for its new ‘Borrow it. Fill it. Change a life.’ donation drive. The idea is that people, or local businesses, call into the shop, borrow one of the special branded boxes, fill it with clothes and other donations, then return it for the shop to sell.

Goodstock is located at 6a Oxford Road, in the heart of Manchester – a prominent trading position on Europe’s busiest bus route and a popular area with the city’s large student population. As well as the boutique-style ground floor shop space, a first floor area will be used by Manchester Youth Market – a city counGoodstock exteriorcil-backed programme helping young people develop and test new business ideas, hone their entrepreneurial skills and raise their aspirations.

Jesse McClure will be at Goodstock on Monday (September 21st) to launch the ‘Borrow it. Fill it. Change a life.’ donation drive. From 9-30am he will meet volunteers and customers at Goodstock. From around 11am he will be out and about visiting local businesses and organisations, dropping off donation boxes to be filled for Goodstock. Later in the afternoon he plans to visit student areas and fresher fairs to promote Goodstock and its donation box scheme.

“My whole life is about trading in quality pre-loved items and it’s awesome that Goodstock is doing it for such a great cause,” said Jesse, instantly recognisable in his black leather jacket, shades and sideburns.

“vInspired is doing great work to get young people up on their feet and confident about what they can achieve in life, but it needs cash to make it happen and donating stuff to Goodstock is a great way we can all get involved. If you can take one of these boxes, fill it with good stuff you don’t need any more and get it back to Goodstock to sell, you’re really helping to change young lives for the better.”

Jayne Cartwright, director of retail for vInspired, said: “These boxes are like gold dust to us – the more we can get filled and returned to us the more money we can raise to invest in young people and their futures.Goodstock interior 2

“The support we’ve had from PlasticBoxShop, both in giving us the boxes and having Jesse here for the day to help launch our donation drive, has been fantastic.”

Anyone who wants to meet Jesse and find out more about Goodstock and vInspired can go along to the Oxford Road shop on Monday. It opens 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

For more information about youth volunteering charity vInspired and its new retail arm Goodstock, visit:, email: or call: 02079 607000.

For more about PlasticBoxShop and its vast range of storages solutions, visit:


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