Manchester students accept impromptu ‘Dress Jesse’ challenge

Manchester students accept impromptu ‘Dress Jesse’ challenge

Lost baggage TV star turns to trendy new charity store

Storage Hunters star Jesse McClure with students Jack Kelly, Corinne Buckley, Jess Ramsay and Libby Bowler, who took up the ‘Dress Jesse’ challenge at Goodstock.

With only the clothes he stood up in, it was fortunate that American TV star Jesse McClure’s first assignment on his latest UK trip was a visit to Manchester’s trendiest charity store.

Jesse, star of hit TV show “Storage Hunters” and regular guest on its UK spin-off, landed at Manchester Airport at 10-40pm on Sunday – but his four bags did not.

As luck would have it, early next morning he was due at the Goodstock charity shop in Oxford Road, Manchester, in his role as brand ambassador for PlasticBoxShop – the UK’s leading online retailer of all kinds of plastic storage boxes.

Jesse was there to launch Goodstock’s “Borrow it – fill it- change a life” donation drive. It sees people borrow a plastic box and fill it with good quality clothes, shoes and accessories they no longer need then return it to Goodstock for sale. PlasticBoxShop has donated 200 specially labelled lidded boxes to launch the scheme.

“When my bags failed to show up at Manchester Airport I literally had only the clothes I stood up in,” said Californian Jesse, who is known for his black jeans, T-shirt, leather jacket, sideburns and shades look. “So the guys at Goodstock got a challenge they weren’t expecting when I showed up there Monday morning – to find me some clothes!”

Goodstock is a charity shop with a trendy twist, aimed squarely at fashion conscious people buying on a budget, especially Manchester’s large student population. All the money it raises goes to vInspired, the UK’s leading youth volunteering charity, dedicates to helping young people realise their full potential.

With ‘Freshers’ Week’ in full swing in Manchester, it wasn’t hard to rustle up some style-conscious students to accept an impromptu “Dress Jesse” challenge. Jack Kelly, Corinne Buckley, Jess Ramsay and Libby Bowler – all from Manchester Metropolitan University – raided Goodstock’s clothes rails and shelves to give the Storage Hunters star a cool new look.

“I think they did a great job,” said Jesse, “who knows. Maybe this is ‘the new black’ for me!

“Goodstock is a great store and a great idea too, selling good stuff to young people at a price they can afford and using the cash to help get other young people up on their feet and knowing what they can achieve. But it needs the good stuff to sell to make it happen, so I’m really hoping people get behind this ‘Borrow – fill it – change a life’ donation drive.

“When the guys at PlasticBoxShop learned about the great work vInspired is doing to change young people’s lives, they were happy to help out by donating these boxes to get Goodstock’s donation drive up and running.”

For more about vInspired and its new retail venture Goodstock, at 6aOxford Road, Manchester, visit For more about PlasticBoxShop and its huge range of storage solutions for the home and business, see


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